Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday's Class

Today we went over some Web Quests that were not presented yesterday. There were so many good ideas that people had and that they used to create their web quests. What sticks with me most about this course though, is what you can do with power point to create digital stories. Nancy told me that you can even create links so that students are in a sense creating their own story as they go along. For example, Pg 1- Charlie went on a trip. Where did he go (and the student clicks an icon of either a farm or zoo, etc) Pg2- What saw animals? What animal did he see first? (then you can icons of animals and he clicks on the animal) etc. In this way the student is customizing their own story. This is fascinating! Amazing how simple story books are evolving.


Nancy said...

I hope you are able to use the stoybook idea in PP as it is fun for the children to use. I want to come to your runway show:)

Janet said...

When beginning a project it is a good idea to have it structured as you and Nancy suggested, Anne. I think that basic idea would work well in nearly any classroom.