Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday July 9, 2007

Today was my first session of "Technology in the Classroom". So far we have learned many things, among them we have learned what a blog is and how to create a blog account. We actually got to look at blogs that are already established . While I looked at several, there was one that really stood out to me. This blog was by far my favorite.

This particular blog was set up by a highschool history class. With this American History class, it was the assignment of each student (I'm assuming based off of what I read) to chose an event in 20th century history that directly relates to their life. Each student was then told to interview a family member who had a personal experience with this world event. As part of the students' assignment they were then to show a picture depicting some part of the event and then to describe how the event, while it predominantly affected an elder member of their family, also affects their life. I thought that was such an interesting and technologically advanced way to make history come alive for a classroom full of students who may not have previously had an interest in it. It was a great way to begin and grab the attention of any class!

The website that I looked at and loved was...


Gwinyeo Kwak said...

Glad to take this class together, Anne. Are you ready for challenge?
We will be fine. ^^

mich021 said...

I also found this particular blog to be very interesting. I liked the way it was set up.

Nancy said...

This was a great idea for a history because it gets the generations talking.

Nicole said...

I love the way that you set up your blog with your pictures on the side...what a great idea! Also, in response to your post on my blog, I would LOVE to see your pictures from Hawaii whenever you get a chance :o)