Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday's Class

Unfortunately I was not in class today. I did, however, post my Web Quest. It is about FLES or Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools, since I am a certified Spanish Teacher. I hope this is interesting to you all. Hopefully I can discuss this with you tomorrow, and if there are any questions about my Web Quest I hope to be able to answer them for you tomorrow.


Nancy said...

I did like the photo of the window at Vassar Chapel. Did you go to school there? My friend, Ken Oldehoff, has worked there for the past 30 years. He is in charge of the Retreat, tall, thin and always whistling:) His kids, Allison and Will, both graduated last year. I have gone to many concerts in the chapel, the sound is wondeful there.

Janet said...

Thanks for posting your Web site and your blog comment, Anne. We'll be glad to see you today:)

Vincent said...

In responce to your questions about power point presentations on my blog:
Yes, you can burn these power point presentations on CD or DVD. As a matter of fact u can burn any digital information to CD or DVD. The only important thing to remember is that the computer that you want to play this presentation on WILL require Microsoft power point. My cousin had actually created a wonderful power point presentation of his parent's lives for their twenty fifth wedding anniversary and presented it in front of the whole family. How did it go? Both of his parents and many members of my family came to tears at what he had done for them.