Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday's Class

Today is Thursday and it is officially the last day of Blogging for our Technology class! I am not sad becuase I learned so much. I just wish I could keep learning about how to be more technologically savy.
I'm sorry I didn't come to class today. I had an interview at 9:30, which lasted until 10:45. I did come in to class at 11:00 and actually I am here now in the computer lab, with Nancy and Jody just posting my final blog.
Well, the instructor evaluation form is all filled out and I think I'm done. How sad! I really enjoyed this class. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm glad to have spent the past two weeks with you. If you ever want to keep in touch, you can email me at New Paltz via the Black Board. Hey, another way to use technology!
Good Luck to all and have a great summer!


Janet said...

Anne, I'm sorry I missed you. In fact I am still on campus within site of Old Main:)
I hope your interview went well and that you enjoy the rest of the summer!

Nancy said...

Since I haven't heard I was wondering about your job at New Paltz. I know it was the job you wanted so I hope it comes through for you.