Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday's Class

Today is the first day of our second week of classes. We are going to the distance learning lab on campus. Actually, the technology room doesn't really have a name, but since we need to know what to call it our class called it that. It was located in the basement of the lecture center.
Once we were in this tech room we got to hear a lot of very good presentations. I learned so much from Nancy's about assistive technology for hearing impaired individuals. Actually, I learned a lot about ASL (American Sign Language) and the grammar of the language from Nancy as well. I also learned a lot about technology from Michelle, Rachel, Jody and Vincent. There are things that I have learned about Power Point, closed sources, and the white board that I will not forget.
I really enjoyed this day. I think most of all, I was touched by Cindy's presentation on Digital Storytelling. Seeing pictures of her father and hearing how she feels about him will live with me forever. My wish for her is to translate the voice over in this power point into Korean and to send it to him as a present. I know he would cherish it, forever.


Gwinyeo Kwak said...


I was thinking about that. Since my father can't understand English, I need something. I like your idea so that my message can deliver to my father. I am so glad that you liked it. Thanks.

I also like your presentation today. Very detailed progress for how to create a blog. I almost forgot how I created my own blog.
Good Job, buddy.

Anne said...

Thanks for the compliments. In part I did that for me too. I want to use blogs in my classroom and I think my mom might want to use them with her students, too. This way we can't forget how to create an account and actually access them.
I loved your presentation. You should definitely send it to him! (Definitely!) :)

Nancy said...

Thanks for your kind words. I know we are supposed to know something about blogs by now, but your presentation was a good audio/visual reinforcement . I think the more we use these tools the more competent we will become. I am going to make sue I copy all of the presentations off Blackboard be fore the class ends to use as a reference.