Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday's Class

Today we learned so many things in class. Probably my favorite thing that I learned to do was to use power point to show pictures and to add sound and motion to them to make a digital story. It's awesome. Actually, I want to use all of my wedding pictures to do this instead of paying my photographer 250 dollars for the same thing.

I can't wait to use this to make a gift for my parents. I would love to figure out how to do this using scanned images. I wonder if I can?


littleleo21 said...

Yeah i agree, i never knew powerpoint was so easy, but i cant wait to use it in my class. i am sure my kids would love a break for the overhead projector.

Alanna said...

It is a great idea to make your own wedding photo show like we saw in class today. If you could save $250 that would be wonderful. And you can use scanned images to do the same thing. Once you convert them into .jpeg format, they are the exact same things we were looking at in class. Good luck with that project, I am sure it will come out great!

Vincent said...

You can definetly used scan images and add them in to a powerpoint presentation. Just scan the picture and save that file to a folder (remember which folder and how to get to it). Once you want to add this picture to your presentation just click on the tab

Insert:: Picture :: From file

From here you will prompted to find the picture you want on your hard drive.

If you have the pictures in a digital camera, no need to scan them! Just save them on your computer via the USB cable that comes with the digital camera and save it onto your hardrive and then picture the same way.

Nancy said...

Where is the top photo on your blog from?

Janet said...

Putting your pictures in PowerPoint is a great idea! As Vincent said, you can use scanned photos. Also, a lot of people take pictures with digital cameras and they may email them to you. They are even easy to add to your PowerPoint.